Learn the Truth About Cell Phone Battery Myths

As cell phones continue to rise in popularity, more and more features are being incorporated into the mobile devices. However, each of these new features may alter what one may come to expect from their battery life. The battery has been an item that has been subject to many myths over the past decade, and thus it is important to realize which of those myths are fact, and which are fiction.

One of the biggest questions surrounding cell batteries is that of longevity and memory. For the original users, the battery’s memory was of big concern. The battery had to be fully charged, but not over charged. If you overcharged or undercharged the battery, you put it at risk of having its memory altered, and thus lasting far less than expected in terms of duration.

Because of the past truths about cell phone batteries, consumers wonder if the manner in which they charge their phone today will impact its memory and longevity. However, cell phone batteries have since moved on from NiMH to LiIon. While the NiMH batteries were subject to memory altering, the LiIon batteries work in such a way that how one charges it does not affect its current performance. You may be asking now why your cell phone battery doesn’t hold its charge like it used to if there is no issue of memory altering. Well, the reality is that LiIon batteries do have an extended life span, which generally is between 350-700 charges. Hence, while it doesn’t matter now if you want to charge your battery 10 times/day for 5 minutes, it does matter over the long haul, as by doing that, you’ll run through your battery’s life span rather quickly.

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Making the Most of Your Cell Phone Battery

It is a common complaint that people from time to time have a problem or some problems with their cell phones, but a few easy to understand steps could probably let you experience fewer problems with it.

I suppose the most common complaint regarding cell phones has to be with the battery.

There are times when you suddenly get cut off during mid conversation, or your signal just drops off. There are certain places that you cannot get a signal, for example in certain remote areas, or you have the problem that your battery will not sustain its charge for long enough.

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Get the Most Out of Your Cell Phone Battery

The use of landline phones has gone down considerable over the last decade. Today all of us use mobile phones. Thanks to mobile internet, 3G services and improvements in the GSM network mobile phones have become very handy devices that we cannot imagine life without. We use our phones to store contacts; we use them as a camera, to surf the web, to watch videos, as music players and for a hundred other things. The main advantage of mobile phones is that they are portable. The portability of a mobile phone depends on the portability of its battery. In this article we will find out how you can increase the life of your battery and how you can conserve battery power in an emergency.

Imagine that you are travelling and you realize that you have left your cell phone charger at home. Once you arrive at your destination you will have to make arrangements for an alternative charger. This will take some time and you notice that your battery is not full. You need to make sure that your cell phone battery will last till the next time you are able to charge it. A great tip to conserve the power of your battery is to increase the time between charges. Turn of your phone if you know you are not going to be using it for a specific period like when you are sleeping. This will help conserve your battery power and in turn increase your battery life.

Another thing you should do is stop searching for a signal. If you are in an area that has low or poor coverage your phone will constantly be looking for stronger reception this will drain your battery very quickly. You can put your phone on flight mode till you reach and are in an area where you know there is good reception. You should also switch off the vibration function on your phone and keep the ring tone volume as low as possible. Make sure you do not keep your backlight on unnecessarily and choose the setting on your phone that will keep it on for the shortest period of time. If you have 3G services switch to the normal GSM network as using your phone in 3g dual mode will cause the battery to run out faster. If you follow these few simple tips you will find that your battery power has lasted you longer than it normally would have.

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Taking Care of Your Cell Phone Batteries

Picking a new cell phone model and pricing plan is more confusing now then ever with all the different offers available to you! Having a dependable cell phone battery is crucial so your family, friends and business associates can reach you. After all these are the reasons that most of us carry a cell phone everyday.

Below are some tips for getting the most out of your cell phone batteries:

If you take the time to care for your cell phone battery properly, your battery can last between 350-400 charge cycles. If you charge your phone daily, your battery will typically last between 12-14 months. If you charge your battery less frequently at every 2-3 days, you maybe able to keep your battery for two years or more.

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Getting the Most of Your Cell Phone Batteries

Are you planning on buying a new phone in the near future? Or do you need to replace your dead cell phone battery? When it comes to cell phone batteries, it is more complex than that of buying AA batteries. There is more than one type of cell phone batteries to choose from on any given phone and also many factors to consider. For instance: cell phone batteries have different weight values, they vary in lifetime and talk time too. These choices can have a big impact on your cell phone decision, especially if you travel and need your phone available 24/7.

Tips for Extending your Talk Time:

Here are a few different things you can do that won’t interfere with any habits you may have but they will help reduce your energy consumption. Which will than allow you more standby time and talk time in between cell phone charges.

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