Windows and Linux on a par in the market for Netbook?

According to reports in mid-May, Linpus Technologies, Which based on the Acer Aspire One Linux, said his optimism about the increasingly popular operating system of the penguin on netbooks. The news from that part of the General Manager, Stephen Lim, comes as an assurance of the Director General of the possibility (later this year) to [...]

Nuovo Sony Vaio VGN-AW11M/H

The Notebook Vaio VGN-AW11M / H is suitable for high-definition entertainment. Indeed, it has full HD features, audio and video, and exclusive design.
A revolutionary view this Vaio laptop, the world’s first notebook equipped with Full HD 18.4 “, full color scanning and Adobe RGB backlight 3LED. Ideal for high definition editing professional.
Multimedia . The fast [...]

Here’s how to prevent future of the bang of Gmail

About 2 ½ hours of blackout. Both lasted the chaos of the best known online mail service, Google weblog. And the protests, as well as lively, have not had to wait. During this hour of “darkness”, the darkness was scratched only by the cries of citizens who, impatient, wondering what was going on. Worldwide network [...]