Toshiba NB200 a new segment of mini-computers

Toshiba is now expanding its range in the field of mini-computers (netbooks) with the launch of the Toshiba NB200 mini .Among other things offer computer up to nine hours of battery life.
The hardware of Toshiba’s new mini PCs make no direct out from the crowd. It is based on an Intel Atom processor at 1.6 GHz, has [...]

Canon launches new digital camcorder Full HD

Canon expands its offerings in the market for digital camcorders with the launch of models Canon HF20 and HF200 Legria.  Both models play without problems the film in full HD and store directly to memory cards.
Digital video cameras are now in three ways: first, they become cheaper, and they become smaller and partly goes off DV [...]

Apple iGlove: a glove for iPhone

Apple not only deals with the development of successful technological jewels like the Mac, iPod MP3 players and smartphones iPhone, but also the gadgets and paraphernalia.

The phones iPhone, also called Melafonino, have enjoyed ample success in all markets worldwide, including the ‘Italy. For this reason Apple also sells various gadgets, such as housings, guards, etc.., [...]

Using an external battery as your laptop power supply

There are more than one way to skin a cat … it is so morbid, we proposed that, in the first place? As it is also more than one way to power your laptop or mobile computing device. Often people simply assume that the power supply provided with their laptop is their only choice for [...]