LaCinema Classic HD fix high-definition movies to TV

LaCie launches a new media player called the LaCinema Classic HD. With the device, you can share media files between computers and compatible devices on your network, you can play directly to TV, streaming to DLNA devices, and round up your files in one place.
LaCinema Classic HD is the sequel to LaCinema Classic. [...]

iPhone 3G impresses most

iPhone 3G, the new generation of Apple’s mobile phone, introduced on Monday by the manufacturer. As is customary in the case of Apple’s launches, it has become milsvis of column inches written by the new iPhone 3G. Many are impressed by the features that Apple added.
One hundred new features will have to come in the iPhone 3G compared [...]

Digital pictures on the wall with the Sony S-Frame

Is it hard to decide what you want for the paintings on the wall at home? Sony S-Frame is a new series of high-resolutiondigital photo frames that solves the problem for you.
Sony S-Frame is released in two new variants with sizes on the screen from 7 to 10 inches . The resolution on the tiny screens are all 1920 [...]

CamStudio: Record video on your desktop for free

Finding solutions to carry out demonstrations or tutorials by recording your activities on the Windows desktop is rather easy to find a viable cost much less. But luckily there!
Among the most widely used is CamStudio, a free software and open source software that lets you record everything that happens on your desktop (or part thereof) [...]

A quick way to open all files in the world

“Can not open file”. One of the most heinous Windows messages. When you view it, you do not have the right software to open it. And many times it was a file that we kept a lot, because maybe you sent to us by friends or relatives.

For the more technically savvy, no problem. They know [...]

Care for Laptop Batteries

Lithium Ion Laptop wear due to two factors: 1) the active use of your notebook battery and 2) the natural aging of the laptop battery. Both will wear your notebook battery with time the trick is to minimize their impact while achieving the performance of your laptop battery that you need.
So rule number one is: [...]

External Laptop Batteries

External batteries provide the user with almost seven hours of uninterrupted power. This is a major breakthrough in this field because laptop users had to depend on normal Sony VGP-BPS9 batteries that only worked for two hours.
Batteries outside are very inexpensive and can be recharged by an external battery charger as Sony vgp-ac19v10. A mobile [...]