So you get better range on your wireless network

Wireless networks have become very popular with both home users and businesses. One of the bottlenecks is scope, however, that you can improve with such Sitecom Wireless Range Extender .
Sitecom Wireless Range Extender 300N (product code WL-330 ) is a small device that looks like a regular wireless WiFi router. The difference, when you look at it, is that [...]

Iomega Home Network, a network drive for the home

Iomega is now with a new network drive under the name Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive , which comes with storage capacity of either 500GB or 1TB.Among other things, the 1 Gb network connection and built-in print server.
During all the years I have tried so many hard drives from Iomega. My general opinion is that Iomega’s [...]