Buy the right digital SLR

Looking to buy a digital SLR? Then you are not alone! Never before have they been as popular as today. This article may you smart Buying Tips.
Digital SLR cameras have become increasingly popular and now it’s no longer just photographers who are investing in these professional cameras.Even home users get digital SLR, also called for the SLR - Single Lens Reflex [...]

Canon launches new digital camcorder Full HD

Canon expands its offerings in the market for digital camcorders with the launch of models Canon HF20 and HF200 Legria.  Both models play without problems the film in full HD and store directly to memory cards.
Digital video cameras are now in three ways: first, they become cheaper, and they become smaller and partly goes off DV [...]

Digital pictures on the wall with the Sony S-Frame

Is it hard to decide what you want for the paintings on the wall at home? Sony S-Frame is a new series of high-resolutiondigital photo frames that solves the problem for you.
Sony S-Frame is released in two new variants with sizes on the screen from 7 to 10 inches . The resolution on the tiny screens are all 1920 [...]