Buy the right digital SLR

Posted on March 12, 2011
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Looking to buy a digital SLR? Then you are not alone! Never before have they been as popular as today. This article may you smart Buying Tips.

Digital SLR cameras have become increasingly popular and now it’s no longer just photographers who are investing in these professional cameras.Even home users get digital SLR, also called for the SLRSingle Lens Reflex or SLR camera.

This has become possible, with the price erosion that has occurred in the area.From a few years ago cost a fortune, you can get a really good digital SLR for a few hundred.

The reason to invest in an SLR over a compact camera, is mainly the picture quality is so much better. The ability to change the optics are of course very good. It allows you to take great pictures even at long distances, if you get a telephoto lens, or extreme close-ups with a macro lens. The zoom is quite different with the lens you use SLR camera, so you are not limited to the usually 3x optical zoom compact cameras.

Now able to support new SLR also to create movies, which had previously only been possible on compact cameras. It is not uncommon for there support for full HD -quality.

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